Conveying, sorting and order picking in one system

Conveying, sorting and order picking: the very flexible denisort tilting tray sorter kills no less than three birds with one stone. Thanks to its robust and proven design – denisort is a close relative of deniway – the system can be used seamlessly for all three processes, even in the third dimension. This means that denisort not only allows a continuous flow of materials across several levels, but also fully meets intralogistics requirements in the e-commerce sector. Different tray sizes, which can be strung together any which way, for maximum flexibility: in this way, variously sized products can be processed at high throughput rates. The tilting trays are able to open to either side as needed, while ensuring gentle and careful treatment of conveyed goods. Even fragile products such as medicine vials and electronic modules can be handled. In addition, denisort is an ideal solution for handling residual post in postal facilities.

The denisort tilting tray sorter:
  • individual topology, spatial mobility, 3D curves
  • proven, reliable, low-maintenance technology
  • scalable solutions, simple extensibility
  • energy efficiency – few drives
  • suitable for delicate products