Making complex tasks simple

The deniway plate chain conveyor is based on a chain supported by low-friction rollers. Thanks to low rolling resistance, very long conveying distances can be achieved without troublesome transfers and using only a few drives. The 3D layout capability allows continuous material flow over several levels. The system is designed as a modular kit, so it scales easily. A line can thus be modified and extended with very little effort. In this way, all processes taking place in a conveyor can be linked together. The virtually maintenance-free design guarantees a long service life with low running costs and high efficiency.

The deniway plate chain conveyor:
  • impressively simple, robust and reliable
  • low-maintenance and durable
  • allows long conveying distances of up to 300 metres with only one drive
  • also suited to large unit goods payloads of up to 50 kilograms per metre
  • enables very high conveying speeds of up to 1.5 metres per second