Fast and flexible in all directions

The easychain conveyor system can take even tighter curve radii than its 'bigger brother', deniway. This is especially evident when complex, multidimensional layouts are required. In addition, the system is made from pluggable plastic parts that can be quickly assembled and reassembled. Like its counterpart deniway, easychain has rollers that reduce friction and thus energy consumption and abrasion. Therefore, easychain is also largely maintenance-free. Its patented tow drive is placeable anywhere and enables the system to get by with less power. This sustainably improves the eco-balance. easychain has proven itself as an efficient solution for process logistics, especially in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors.

The easychain conveyor system:
  • perfectly suited to multidimensional layouts
  • uses only a few, easily assembled components
  • can take up payloads of up to 20 kilograms per metre
  • brings efficiency to logistics processes
  • suited to all sectors