Unique gravity conveyor system for different applications

Skyfall is the unique conveyor system that makes use of gravity and the third dimension. A simple rail profile with roller bodies allows the most diverse articles up to 10 kilograms in weight to be conveyed from A to B. From beverage sachets and carrier bags through to cookie packets – Skyfall conveys them all with ease. A further plus: processes like order-picking, weighing or labelling, etc. are carried out during the conveying sequence. Two types of shuttles are available. Type M for items up to 5kg. Type L can carry up to 10kg. And when that weight exceeds 10 kilogrammes, trolley systems are used. For this reason, the load-carrying adapters on the hangers can be adapted to almost any customer-specific requirement.

Performance figures of up to 12‘000 SKU’s (stock keeping units) position Skyfall alongside the most potent systems available. With Skyfall, Ferag develops made-to-measure and turnkey solutions for all intralogistics processes. From the development and production of intelligent conveyor technology through to system integration and complex material flow solutions.

Processing while conveying is the core competency at Ferag. Automatic loading and unloading of pouches, pick-up, transfer, weighing, ejection, labelling, etc. are functions that are carried out by Skyfall at high speed in a single plane or in the third dimension.

The buffering of items between two processes of different throughput rates and buffering in general is one of the big strengths of Skyfall. The decoupling of integrated processes enables troubleshooting interventions as well as the compensation of throughput rate variations. The buffer saves space and energy and can be adjusted to fit the exact production requirements.

The unique gravity conveyor system skyfall:
  • Conveying on the third dimension
  • Sortation, order picking, accumulating, controlling
  • Stations for automatic loading and unloading of pouches
  • Conveyed goods up to 10 kg per shuttle and 20 kg per trolley
  • Up to 12,000 cycles per hour