denisort compact

Compact and modular vertical sorter

This is a mobile system with a very compact basic design, ideal for sorting goods weighing up to seven kilograms. Hence, it is perfect for CEP services and e-commerce users looking for a sorting machine to increase throughput at peak times. Configurable for a throughput of up to 4,800 units per hour, the system is also just right for processing returns.

The vertical sorter denisort compact:
  • Performance up to 4‘800 trays per hour
  • Tray size 650 mm x 450 mm
  • Load up to 7 kg
  • Up to 6 manual loading positions
  • Up to 22 chutes for gentle sorting into karts, boxes, containers, Eurotainers etc.
  • Identification with camera via barcode
  • Sortation from local definition file
  • Interface to WMS / WHC